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From our Sunshine Families

"Have had a hard time getting any service to help me with care for my Mom, Angela came recommended, and I could not have been happier. Staff came, and my Mom seemed immediately at ease. I was hesitant to leave her since she was not happy anytime she was "babysat". They made her feel great and assisted her with a bath and also finished the laundry and vacuumed. When I got home from shopping my Mom wad happy and I got a much-needed break. Thanks for all the help!" - Bob Smith

"The caregiver provided support and encouragement with my walking and assistance with housekeeping, including cleaning, making the bed, and arranging things in the house that needed care—spotting me when I was doing challenging movements and great companionship. She was open to new ideas to help me with some exercises That my PT had encouraged me to do at times early on. We used a gait belt, but I was able to move beyond that in part because of her encouragement and confidence in me." -Joy Smucker

"Sunshine Care Services is very good at matching caregivers with clients' personalities. I have been a client for seven months. I am very particular and want things done a certain way. The caregivers who cared for me had many strengths; they knew how to anticipate my needs, were cleaning machines, were great at cooking, remembered how I liked things and knew what I needed. Angela was always there when I needed her, and I praised her for her job; she is caring, compassionate, and excellent at driving. I hope her company grows because of Sunshine Care Services; I was able to stay out of Assisted Living and stay home safely as long as possible." - W.Savage

"Sunshine Care Services went above and to make sure my mother was well taken care of. No matter what her mood was, they were engaging, patient, and understanding of the requirements that were needed for her. They not only took great care of her but also understood what the family needed. We felt more than comfortable leaving the house to take care of business. I would recommend Sunshine Care Services to anyone who has a loved one that needs personal attention at home. Thank you, Angela and your crew for all of your dedicated and caring work." - Sarah Cottrell

"In the middle of January 2022, my parents got Covid. My mom was frail and my dad had cancer. They were in their mid 70's and needed someone to take care of them. They were in a precarious position. I kept my hopes up that we could get them through Covid and make it out the other side. Instead they declined quickly. They were unable to feed themselves, walk, or go to the restroom on their own. We got hospital beds for them. Everything moved so fast with their decline, I didn't know what to do or how to get help. My father passed away in February. My mom's doctor was not helpful. I was told I would receive a referral for a facility to help my mom get rehabilitated. The referrals fell through and mom got worse. Despite my efforts to get help from her doctor, she just wasn't helpful or responsive. I got replies that my questions would be answered in 2-3 business days. Even then they didn't answer my questions. Sunshine Care Services has a background in the medical field. They have experience caring for aging sick parents and dealing with nursing homes. They were available right away. I would call them sometimes in tears and frustration trying to understand what resources to use and how to get help. They were the ones that gave me the help I needed. Sunshine Care Services caregivers gave my mom head massages and were so patient and kind with her. I loved the way they always stayed busy around the house. They were always there when I called. If they had any glitches they took care of it right away. One day my son and I had been up all night because my mom was agitated and unable to sleep. They came in the morning and sent my son and I to bed. I wasn't sure I needed them that day, but I found out I did greatly need some rest. I couldn't have made it without them. I cannot say enough about the level of their care. They are an excellent in home care giving service." - Nila Hougton

"My sister and I were desperate for help caring for our mother whose health was failing. Not only were they available to meet with us on the very same day we called, they started helping us the following week. We have been incredibly blessed by their knowledge and kindness. I will continue to sing their praises to all of our friends and family!" -Jodi Bigler

"I cannot say enough great things about Sunshine Care Services. We were in need of help right away and other service providers could not fit us in for several weeks. Angela was able to find staff to come and take care of my mom right away. They were caring, thoughtful, very knowledgeable, and knew how to help my mom be more comfortable as she entered her last few days. I would not hesitate to recommend Sunshine Care Services to any of my friends or family (and already have)! They were truly a blessing to our family!" -Mandie McAffe

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